I'm running a little experiment at the moment since I woke up to 2 amazing comments, so I'm letting you guys control my blog!

I want you guys to leave a suggestion on what I should talk about :)
Now this could either go very well or very bad, I don't know so I'm trusting someone out that to leave a comment on what they would like me to talk about!
Something pg-13 would be nice thank you :P

If this goes well i'll be happy to do it again
By the waysies sorry for not posting much interesting content (I promise the content will resume shortly I just love engaging with my readers, its almost unhealthy how much I love to engage) But don't worry the awkward stories will be coming your way shortly!

So if you having anything you would like me to talk about in my next blog post, leave your suggestion in the comment below x


  1. Hey there!! I have an idea its called "Instagram Preview" its where you display pictures of what you wanted to post on Instgram in the past, but its too late. Its a bit weird, its actually a post when you get mental block and you do this instead.

    Goodluck, hope you do it!!


    1. That's a great idea, too bad I don't have an instagram :( but I think I have an idea I can take from yours
      Thanks :)


I love your comments, feel free to leave one xo