So, I've been gone a while haven't i? 


Its been like a week, or maybe two i don't know but my laptops been broken and ugggh typing of my tablet was irritating me so i decided to wait...

 Yesterday i was ready to post but my laptop was still acting up so i had to repair it myself which i have so i here i am!

I'm going to try and pre write blog posts so i can save them as drafts and post them at any time but for now i'm back!

Nothing has really happened these past few weeks other than my exams ending so if i were to upload anything, it would probably bore you to death, but i have redownloaded the kim kardashian game, i post about it regularly on twitter-by the way I've changed my twitter up a little so its 10 times more funnier with a little bit of ratchet ( ive posted my twitter name on my blog once) if you want it you'll have to find it because i honestly want to keep my blog life and my twitter account seperate because my twitter is just..odd.

The other day i watched Hotel Transylvania on tv and fell in love (i decided to watch it 2 more times after) so i searched the internet for a possible sequel and THERE IS ONE COMING IN SEPTEMBER! I am honestly so excited, i dont even care if its a cartoon i love it! I watched the trailer about 11 times (no joke) and it looks even better than the first! 

If you want to watch it click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3nqmGgnJe8

Anyways thanks for baring with me if you have,i appreciate it and i am going to start uploading as frequently as i can without it becoming annoying.

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