Hi guys,

Let me take a quick second to say I SURVIVED MY EXAMS,
Now its over I can finally upload more blog posts but my luck has just been terrible these days,  I've noticed in the two scenarios that have occured over the weekend:
First of all I woke up telling myself I would visit my angelic aunt because she's awesome and what not but then I decided I'd leave it for another day and start OITNB Season 3 (which I'm in love with btw). Later on I saw my aunt at my uncles party which I attended and she said something that broke my heart and nearly made me cry, she said:
"You should have come over today I ordered a huge dominoes pizza with chicken strips!"
I honestly felt like crying I've not had dominoes pizza in so long and my mum never orders it! I'm still full of regret for not going to my aunts (#sadfacetimes1000)

The next thing that proved my bad luck is something that happened on Sunday,  I told myself I would upload a blogpost but procrastination took over and I ended up watching movies but later that day when I was ready to, my laptop started acting funny after I downloaded something I won't disclose because you'll laugh at me, when I finally realised I almost had a seizure.. My beautiful laptop became infected with adware and malware!!(#omgwhyme)
its not getting fixed until Friday so I'm going to have to do everything of my tablet, I'm typing this of my tablet and its incredibly annoying, sorry for the lack of colours and paragraphing btw. My tablet makes it hard to add colours :/.

Anyways now that is of my chest, I guess the moral of the story is Dont...
be me?
Sure lets go with that.

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