I argue with my own conscience.. (+Possible Contests?)

I had another day of arguing about what to talk about and at first I was going to do an orange is the new black quiz but I thought it would be boring so I decided to talk about something that I never thought would be understandable..
However I will try my best to..make sense? ( If there are any doctors on blogger, try diagnosing this)

So.. for as long I can remember I've always known that me and my brain/conscience have never been friends,(Which sounds crazy but as you know, I'm not the most sane person ever) me and my conscience practically argue every day because sometimes she likes to say super wrong things or she annoys me when I'm trying to relax. Maybe its me or maybe I have found a way to haunt myself...with myself
I occasionally get this reaction when I talk about it.

I'd search about it online but everytime I try and diagnose myself it always comes up with something super crazy for example 'Feeling nauseous? You have 15 minutes to live!'
To picture what I'm talking about here is an actual conversation me and my conscience had this morning.
Me: Hmm, what to have for breakfast....Oooh cereal!
*warms milk and pours cereal*
*accidentally drops cereal on the floor in the process*
Conscience: Aren't you going to pick that up?
Me: Nah its only small no one will even notice it.
Conscience: No, you must or the Earth Gods will punish you!
Me: Its just cereal! Seriously!
Conscience: Ever heard of 'Do good and good things will happen to you?' Well you did something bad, Just saying.
Me: Ugh, I'm going to eat my cereal now! Stop being annoying!
Conscience: Ok.Fine.Dont blame me when karma happens..
Me: *Sigh, Picks up cereal*

That's basically my story I wanted to share, Tell me in the comments if you can relate! I'd love to know!

Contests: I was having sniff around the blog communities and I saw people having Oscars but for blogs and contests where bloggers can get nominated and I thought that was so cool so I'm thinking of doing it one day, Obviously not now because I don't have a high enough following quite yet so there wouldn't be many people participating but maybe in the future!
I was thinking when I reach 2000 page views (I have 1800 right now)
Let me know if you think I should do it!
Thanks For Reading! 


  1. Just stumbled across you! Well.. regarding to the topic.. I usually do that as well. But personally I think it's when our brain was processing our maturity(?)
    Since it involves thinking it out... *shrugs*

    Maybe you should try joining! It's not too late to try out new stuff :3


    P.S What a fancy blog! O.O

  2. I get what you mean! And I think I will thanks for the encouragement!

    P.S Why Thankyou :)


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