I said i was going to release a blogpost a week after my previous one,
Its been 2 weeks, oops...

I'm currently working on 3 blogposts right now so by the time you are reading this, there should be 2 extras i have injured my fingers typing, hopefully.

Today's blogpost came from a weird thought i had whilst crying myself to sleep thinking about my GCSE's

In English, students have to constantly learn about classic english novels such as Romeo&Juliet, Macbeth and Great Expectations but.. what if we changed the system *cue mysterious music*

I, being the deranged genius i am, have thought up a plan so creative,so engaging.... it might just blow your knickers off.


Bare with me here, it may sound strange but what if we actually request to change English poetry and book study to writing and creating fanfiction, ITS GENIUS!

Many of our most respected books were created on the idea of fanfiction *cough* fifty shades of grey *cough* (Now that my friends, was a joke, fifty shades of grey is all types of weird) 
So instead of dull questions such as "Explain the context of blah blah blah", Give me a pen, paper and a whole lot of red bull and i will guarantee my Dan and phil smut will get an A*

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