Hello, Autumn

I am once again stuck on ideas so I decided to talk about Autumn.

As you may know, August is over and September has begun.
Meaning Autumn is starting soon (well technically its still summer because Autumn doesn't begin till Wednesday the 23rd of September (In the northern hemisphere) but that's not the point.

Today in Manchester it rained, a lot (Typical England) but it wasn't normal rain (at least to me)

I always tell people I can smell rain.
Yes, I know it sounds weird but whenever I'm out I can always smell when the rain is coming, I don't know, maybe its me thinking I'm an island fairy.
If you're interested the rain smell kind of smells like wet dirt.

(I'm going off topic...)

Anyways back to what I was saying, today the air felt super cold, not like normal.
You could just tell autumn was coming and although autumn is probably my favourite season because I don't like winter and I have bad hayfever during the summer (I am just so lucky -.-) I feel like I'm not ready to let it go yet.

I'm going to miss wearing shorts that are way too small and dresses that are way to big as well as the ice cream and slushies.

I literally just bought new clothes and now I'll probably have to buy sweaters and leggings and whatever typical teenagers wear on tumblr..

One thing I find is funny about autumn is how much I think I relate to pictures like this:

But in reality I really don't because:
1. I don't wear hoodies outside because I get cold easily and since hoodies aren't the warmest things to wear I make sure I look like this:
before I step outside

2. I drink more tea than hot cocoa because I don't like cows milk and soy milk in hot chocolate tastes more like hot sweat than hot cocoa (Well, in my opinion anyways)
3. If only I could get my beaver feet into boots..
4. I wear jeans anyways, what makes them special in autumn?!
5. Cuddling with whom? #Nobae
6. I doubt I spend my autumns going outside and saying "MMMM THIS AIR SURE IS CRISP"
7. What are flushed cheeks?

I feel like I sound like a huge pessimist but believe me, I'm not.
I just have strong opinions.
I'll prove I'm a joyful person.

Hello Autumn, I like you because...the leaves are cool?


  1. LOL, I love this! I like fall, too, but mostly for the food. Apple cider (Yes, I know that's a drink, but whatever), apples, candy (Halloween), turkey (Thanksgiving), and cake (My birthday. It's is November). Basically, I like the holidays in fall more than I do fall itself. Idk, it's just too cold for me. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. :) I guess they celebrate Thanksgiving in England, huh? Do you guys have another huge holiday that you can celebrate that makes fall less boring?

    1. I'm happy you liked it! Shockingly enough most British people don't celebrate thanksgiving, I know I don't but a few people do :)
      Personally the only holiday I know of that most British people celebrate is Halloween but there may be other small ones I don't know about.

    2. That is interesting! I forgot to say this earlier, but I'm a tea drinker,too. I like hot chocolate, but it's not as refreshing as a good cup of peppermint or good ole Earl Grey. In America, we have this store called Teavana where they have a lot of different types of tea that you can sample and buy, along with an assortment of tea sets. It's really expensive to buy stuff from there, but the tea can last you for a whole year and it's absolutely delicious (My favorite is blueberry bliss)! sorry, if they have this in UK, then I probably sound like an idiot explaining it to you. I hate it when people explain things to me that I already know about! :)

  2. Autumn is such a beautiful season. I'm lucky enough to live in a place where I get to see the trees change, and the colours are always stunning :) I have to agree that tea is a better autumn drink than hot cocoa, as it always tastes bitter to me? Tea is life haha :)

    1. I agree! Luckily for me there are a thousand and one trees in the UK so just like you I can watch the leaves gradually change colour :)
      Also I find hot chocolate bitter too! I went to starbucks once to get their 'famous' hot cocoa but I found it way too bitter! For me its either always too sweet or too bitter, I can never win!

    2. Ahh, good! There's nothing better than an autumnal walk through the forest!! (Apart from wild boar.. Yeah, they scare me...)
      Ah, Starbucks is way overrated.. I find that white hot chocolate is quite nice though, if you mix the Options one with three quarters hot water and quarter milk.. Although I don't know how it would be with soy milk... :)

  3. You look dazzling in a coat... just kidding :P

    1. Pssh, I look wonderful in a coat (not really though, I look like an overweight snowman)


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