If I Were A Disney Princess I Would...

Awkward Teen posting twice a week?

Yeah.. I'm on half term right now so I have a lot of spare time on my hands..

So literally 15 minutes ago I looked through my blog notes diary
which, lets face it, is something I rarely go through because my ideas are becoming more and more spontaneous.
When I was looking through the pages, first I was in awe looking at how far my blog had grown in just 7 months but then I stumbled across a few ideas I had jotted down for possible post ideas such as:
  • My Pet Peeves
  • Advice Post (which I'm 94% sure I've done before)
  • How I Lost 42 Pounds
  • How I Get Out Of Bed (When I REALLY Don't Want To)
Now although all of these are intriguing ideas which I may or may not do (depending on demand)
the one I found most intriguing was what I would do if I were a Disney princess because it would be probably be the best experience of my life.
Although some of my policies may be a little....unconventional.

Wait, how does one become a princess in the Disney movies?

*Impromptu google search*

Oh! The princesses are either born as royals or married into it.

I totally knew that..

Lets just say, imagine I was born as a princess (because I'd want to take advantage of having people wait on me hand and foot as a teenager instead of inevitably getting married to a prince at like 16 "by chance")

So if I were to be a teenaged princess some of my policies would be:

No Interruption By Staff Until 10pm:
This is just a common mystery to me, I've seen in Disney movies AND Barbie movies the staff like to arrive early at the royals bedrooms knocking with breakfast.
Now I do appreciate the staff preparing breakfast but I don't wake up until about 9am-ish and then I spend at least an hour watching youtube videos so my policy would be to not force waffles into my mouth at the brink of dawn.
Reasonable policy if I do say so myself.

I love dresses, believe me but when I watch Disney movies I see the royals wearing dresses every second.
Now I know it looks professional or whatever but the policies would be different with me.
I love the feeling you get when I wear dresses, it makes me feel so free but after a while it gets annoying because I keep tripping up because I get annoyed at holding my dress up to walk every second. 
Also I know the royals do it but I REFUSE TO WEAR A DRESS TO BED.
I practically do the splits in my sleep so I'd find it extremely confusing to fully relax whilst wearing a night gown.
And, well, sometimes a girl just wants to kick back in a pair of leggings, warm socks and a sweater so there is no need for constant dress wear.
(Plus, I utterly refuse to go to the potty wearing a dress, its extremely difficult)
 Dresses would only be worn for super special occasions.
And I mean SUPER special.
I don't ever if the freaking Queen Of Sheba is coming over for tea, I will probably still wear a onesie.
I'm sorry.

No Fancy Schmancy Food:
In royal castles all you see are fancy finger foods and horderves.
That would not be the case with me.
Definitely not, I would never change my eating habits now so don't expect them to change if I was a Disney princess.
To be honest, at a dinner table everyone would probably be like this

And I..
Well I'd be eating like this..
Yay for no shame?

Also, for when the Royal castle has banquets, instead of having tables full of...urm..

My style would be more: Burgers, chips and dominoes pizza.
I know, classy.
I'm aware of how bad my eating habits are.

Omg, I've just realised how long this post is getting.
Lets Stop.
I wont lie, I had way too much fun typing out this post, I hope you all enjoy it to!
I have way more 'Princess Policies' but this post would become so long, it'd be unbelievable.
So if you want to see a part 2,
Let me know in the comments!
Also, fellow bloggers I tag you all to do this post, I want to know your policies too!

Happy Reading!


  1. YESSSS!!! as much as i love disney movies, and trust me i do! why should the servants wake them up so early. i also totally agree with the hour of youtube, its my morning ritual. :)

    1. you are also featured in my new blog post!

    2. Thanks for putting me in there! I'll check it out!

  2. Haha this was hilarious! I completely agree with you on the last two points, but I'm an early bird and am usually awake for about 1-2 hours before I actually eat breakfast (just because my family is still asleep). :) So being served breakfast in bed would be a dream<3

    That Doctor Who GIF is my life! I love David Tennant!

    x Great post!
    Yasmine// My blog:Cloudy

    1. Aw I'm glad you liked it!
      I'm kind of the same in a way, whether I wake up early or late I will stay in bed for HOURS before I start preparing breakfast but strangely enough I don't think I'd like being given breakfast in bed, I eat weird things and I think i just prefer making my own food :)

      P.s. I've never watched doctor who and I'm completely disappointed in myself for never doing so.

  3. This sounds like a great post idea! Except I have no idea what I would like if I was a Disney princess! The most I can think of is my own horse, sword and bow and arrow xD

    1. Thanks!
      Its interesting to think about, I love your ideas! I'd be stoked if I had my very own bow and arrow :p


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