What Made Me Smile This Week

So last week I told a commenter I'd try to take part in her creative "Reasons To Smile Challenge"

Although the challenge was to post something everyday, my school life makes it hard to do so, so instead I promised to post something about what me smile this week.

Just to make sure I didn't forget, I made sure to note down everything that made me crack even the tiniest smile.
So here it is!:

Monday- I got to make doughnuts for my food technology assessment and even though I thought they tasted average, everyone definitely enjoyed them!
-I had history, I'm not sure why but I just adore history
-My friends are some of the funniest people I know so seeing them definitely made my day.

Tuesday- Food makes me happy so having a slice of red velvet cake that day brought unlimited joy to my soul.
-I found out I did well on a test (I was definitely happy with that, mainly because I forgot to revise for it)
-Being around my crush that day= UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF JOY <3<3

Wednesday- This day was very challenging because I had the most boring subjects you could every dream of plus a maths test -.- but I guess the one thing that made me smile was having a 'party' in one of the classrooms with my friends at lunch time.
-I had PE that day, for some reason I actually enjoy PE (Strange huh?) but then I found out we were doing an Insanity workout so I proceeded to cry silently in the changing room.

Thursday- The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire (By Dan and Phil) arrived!
I mean technically it came on a wednesday but I asked my friend to order it for me so Thursday was the day I got to physically hold it in my hands and I don't lie when I say, I hugged it for about 15 minutes and carried it around with me everywhere I went instead of putting in my locker, plus I went crazy at my friends to not show me any of the pages because if they even tried to spoil it for me, I'd burn their house down.
(The day I'm currently typing this is on a saturday and I'm already on page 120)

Friday- I found out that a vlogging couple I watch, The SacconeJoly's are currently trying for a baby, you may ask yourself "Why did that make you happy", well I have a history of vicariously living through people so the fact they are trying to add a new member to their adorable family makes me the happiest being on earth.
I mean look at how cute this family is:
I also thought of a genius plan that succeeded, basically my friendship group prefer to eat their food in classrooms during lunchtime instead of the cafeteria and every friday the school makes pizza and chips, now, the pizza tastes like death but the chips and beans tastes like heaven on a plate so I thought "What if I buy the chips and take a container to school to scrape it in so I can take it outside" 
In our school you cant take food from the cafeteria outside so it was a risky plan, but obviously my (not) James bond type moves completed the plan and I was able to enjoy it with my friends.
Also later on my mum bought me a subway,
How could that not deliver happiness?
Then later on I watched The Vampire Diaries and The Originals which did not meet my expectations,if I'm honest
But besides that Friday was hands down the best day of the week (as it is for many)

Saturday- Nothing really happened (Its saturday right now as I am typing this)
All I did was watch KC Undercover and complete a  boring homework on Factorising Quadratic equations..
Ugh, it was supposed to take me 15 minutes but obviously I became distracted by the stupidest things so it took me an hour but at least for today I'll know I'll have this posted, completing the promise I made :).

And there is it!
Obviously there were more things that made me smile but I realised there was a pattern in the list I made, every single time I wrote pretty much the same thing, such as "My friends made me smile" or "This food made me smile" so I decided to just to put the key things in this post.
But besides that, what made you smile this week?
Be sure to leave it in the comments!
Have a good day xo


  1. Love the post, might do it!

    1. Awesome!
      You should definitely do it! ,I'll be sure to read it :)

  2. This is really awesome- you're one of my reasons to smile today!
    Would you like a personalised Reasons to Smile button?

    1. Aw thank you!:3
      and sure!, I'd love one!

  3. Am I the only one who totally obsesses over certain vloggers? Like, Bethany Mota and Meg DeAngelis are pretty much living the dream I have for myself in college (So I guess I'm living my dream through them until I get there). I LOVED this post, do this more often! =D

    1. I can certainly relate!, I am crazy jealous of Zoella's life, its so awesome!
      I'm happy you enjoyed the post and thanks! I think I will do it more often!

  4. This is such a cute post ! I might try it and I love your James Bond plan:)

    1. Go for it! and thankyou, I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! :P

    2. Haha and same the pizz a t my school tastes awful which is weird because I love pizza 8)

    3. Also do you mind if I mention you in my blog post that I got the idea from you :)

    4. I'm seeing a trend here, maybe all schools have gross pizza!
      And I don't mind at all :)


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