Super Quick Update

Its been a while hasn't it.
I literally have no excuse except I have been so freaking busy with school work, I honestly feel like I'm drowning in it.
That would explain my absence, I'm still replying to comments and what not so I'm not completely dead and I have also been working on about 4 different posts so I've not been lazy and completely abandoned my blog.
The posts I have been working on (as well as a future collab) are all nearly finished, one contains an exciting story that I cannot wait to share with you all soon.
Tomorrow I'm going to dedicate my day to stop dilly-dallying and finish everything.
I'm nearly there.
Just bare with me.
But thanks for being patient. 


  1. Hey, I totally relate to this blog! I was looking through it... Anyway Im new to this blog thing, I'm


    Check it out if you have time! :)

    Verity Grace

    1. Hi!
      Welcome to the blogosphere!
      I will definitely check out your blog :)


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