What I've Learned From Getting A Debit Card

So a few weeks ago I got something I've wanted for a long time.
My very own debit card

I mainly wanted it because every time I got money, I'd spend it.
Every single time.
I honestly thought I had a spending problem but with a bank account I knew it would put a stop to my frivolous spending.

And amazingly it has.
But it has also taught me things I didn't think I'd learn from simply having an account in my name.
So in attempt to be interesting I've compiled a list of things having a debit card has taught me.
Lets begin:

I've Become Super Stingy About Money

Who would've thought that I'd change from a huge spender to a stingy spender.
Now I have a debit card I will literally refrain from buying things because I don't want to tamper with the amount in my account.
I try to spend by only using money at all times but when I have to use my card, I wont lie, a piece of my heart shatters.
However it doesn't stop me from having my moments where I reflect on whether I should buy something that catches my eye.

Another weird thing is I generally get upset when more than £10 comes out of my account because I've had to use it for something.
It annoys my friends so much because they'll think super stush for saying something like "Oh my god I only have *insert amount ranging from £100-£200* left"
To them it sounds snobbish but it generally upsets me, lord knows why.

I Hate Carrying My Card Around

This is a huge one.
I know I have to carry my card with me (on most occasions).
But when I do, I HATE IT.
Its because its so easy to lose a tiny piece of plastic and the fear of knowing that if I ever did lose my debit card, the consequences would overwhelm and I'd literally burst into flames.
I'd honestly rather lose £100 in cash then lose my card.
Knowing the fact that I'm 100% responsible for a card can be a massive weight on my shoulders but I guess its what I have to deal with if I want to have an account.

My Trust Issues Are Accelerated

I see this on the news all the time
"Tracker found in local ATM"
This does not sit well with me because if my branch (The bank where my bank account was started) is far away (aka more than 0.5 miles away cause I'm lazy) and I need money, a problem arises.
My nearest branch is about a 7 minute walk away but a free cash ATM is a 2 minute walk away.
I feel like I'm being tested every time this happens.
Since I already have trust issues, it does not help that I need money when there are ATMS's conveniently being discovered with trackers in them so I'm always like:
"Should I trust this bank?"
"Do I need money that bad?"
"Should I just walk the 7 minutes?"
Actually, I can answer the third question right now:
In the end I push aside my fears and use the free cash machine because I'm too lazy to make the effort.

I Overanalyse Everything 

The final thing I've realised is, having a card gives you the heavy thought of whether you should buy a certain thing or not.
Let me break it down.
When I go into the shop and I see something I like I go through about 5 different stages mentally to figure out if I should buy it.
I ask myself a load of questions and think about whether I truly need it, its like I have to go through these phases because once I spend the money, that's pretty much it.
Unless I return it (which I never do because I'm lazy, as you all know)
As a Gemini I tend to over think anyways (*Hint for what the next blog post will be about ;p*) but with a card, my overthinking is blown out of the water.

I'm starting to wonder if this card is doing more harm than good to my mental state.
Oh well, in the end its worth it in some aspects.

Time for an impromptu announcement!!

Its probably a bad idea to announce this so soon but whatever!
I was doing some random blog research such as visiting peoples blogs, reading their stories etc. and I found a website that does lovely blog designs such as full layouts and buttons etc.
I wont reveal the site just yet because I want to do a huge thank you post dedicated to the designer.

If you know who I'm talking about that's awesome but I will reveal everything in the near future.
Basically the announcement is: I am getting my blog redone.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist so if I have the chance to make my blog look more professional I will do it.
I'm super excited but its not ready yet, its currently being designed (I love how custom that sounds)
So when it is designed, I will be super excited to launch it!
Its probably very unlikely that the person redesigning my blog is reading this but if you are.

Thank you.

(I hope I don't sound a little selfish for not revealing who is designing my blog, its just that, everything is only in the works, nothings been designed yet so for when it is, I can reveal it all in a super joyful post.
If you really want to know who is designing my blog, I will happily say so in the comments)


  1. Having a debit card sounds like mentally exhausting! I agree, carrying cash sounds less of a hassle!
    I hope your blog turns out just as you want it to be! Have a nice day ^^.

    1. It really is!, I feel like I don't give enough credit to debit cards, they are truly a life saver in the end!
      And thanks, I'm super excited!

  2. Wow. The struggle. I'm looking forward to seeing your blog redone!


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