You'll Never Guess What Happened...

I'm literally so excited to share this story with you guys.
I'm back from my 2 week impromptu hiatus!
Literally having writers block + mass amounts of homework is a deadly combination but I finally have it all sorted.
Now onto my story..
A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely woman who works for the company called Miss Nella, who specialise in safe, non toxic peel of nail polish.
She told me about their company and that she saw my blog, she asked if I wanted to test some of their nail polishes.
I was so shocked
Is this real?!
Have I actually been asked to sample products?!
Who would've thought my blog would actually get noticed by a company?!
After pondering a million questions in my head, I eventually got suspicious.
Obviously as a naturally suspicious person I thought I was victim to a scam or something so I spent a good 30 minutes eye-balling the email, I told friends and researched what typical scam emails look like.
Then I just came to the realization, "Stop being an over thinker and respond to the email you dummy"
And that's what I did!
I accepted the offer because if it was legitimate, I'd be stoked to sample products but I made sure to ask if it was a scam first because if I got a response I knew it couldn't be so after I sent the response I patiently waited to see if I would get a reply.
And I did! 
The next day I was told it wasn't a scam and all I had to do is enter my shipping address and the colour preferences I had.
I guess I shouldn't have thought it was a joke because they have a legitimate website but what can I say?
I'm just a naturally hesitant person.
After getting the email I immediately went onto their website
They have so many different colours so picking 3 favourites wasn't very hard
I chose:
Mermaid Blue
Little Poppet
Pink a boo
How adorable are the names?
When I sent the email I was so excited however I didn't know how long it would take.
I thought maybe  3-4 days but No, it literally came the next day I was like
"Woah, talk about speedy delivery"
Since I knew I wanted to share this story I took pictures, just to make this story a little more interesting.
Here is the adorable little package it came in. (As well as the padded envelope of course)


I was wondering if they were going to wrap the nail polish because I thought they would smash
during delivery but they wrapped it super neatly!


Here it is!

I decided to test the mermaid blue first as I thought it was a gorgeous colour
(Forgive my gross bear hands and shabby nail work)
By the way that bright beam of light on my nails is the camera flash, just in case you were wondering.
The peel off bit of the nail polish enticed me so I had to put it to the test and it was totally legit!
It peels off super easily and it doesn't have the strong nail polish smell normal nail polish has, its because
Miss nella nail polish is water based
(I did my research)

Now, just to clear anything up, I was in no way asked to endorse this product I was just asked if I wanted to sample it so everything I'm saying about it is 100% authentic.

If you're interested in the product make sure to go to their website!
Just in case you need reminding it's:
In no way would I ever think my blog would get noticed by a company so this super happy feeling will not drift away for a long time.
If you've made it up to the end of this story
Thanks for reading :-)


  1. This looks like a great nail polish company! The names are adorable and so are the bottles themselves! Also- the coat peels off?? Wicked!!
    Congrats on your first product review! I would have really liked to see the other two colors on your nails as well!

    1. I know! I think the peel off bit is the best part!
      And thanks, this was all very cool and I regret not taking pictures of the other colours they were very pretty!

  2. Ahh that's so cool! How exciting that you were noticed and got to do a product review! I've just found your blog btw and it's super cute! Love the header :) The peel off aspect is pretty darn awesome!

    -Sophie xx
    ♥ Cherries and Perfume ♥

    1. I followed through Bloglovin and tried to follow through GFC but it kept saying error. Anyways, have a great day!

    2. Thank you so much!, it sure is a unique nail polish :p
      And thanks for following, its a shame the followers gadget is playing up a bit!

  3. Congratulations on getting to do a sample post! Looks like you got to test a great produt :)
    I've never had nail polish that just peels off. Why isn't that a thing everywhere? It would be so much easier to keep your nails looking good.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Thank you Envy!
      And I know! I've never even heard of peel off nail polish but it is probably the best idea I've heard of in a long time, it makes dealing with nail polish remover less of a problem!

  4. I might just have to give that nail polish a try. I really hate the harsh smell of regular nail polishes. Awesome review btw

    1. Thanks! I definitely think you should


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