How To Survive School When It's Literally The Worst

I'm currently typing 3 posts at once because we all know my consistency sucks.
I was planning on uploading my post about exams but then I realised its been a while since I uploaded something more on the comedic side, I guess.
So instead of ranting about school, I'll give you guys a totally non useful list of things to help you survive the giant hole of death school happens to be.
(She says so passive aggressively)

This my friends is vital.
Unless you have some type of condition which allows you to just shut off your emotions completely, you're kinda screwed.
At school its filled with people, people who all have and are entitled to have opinions.
Not all of them will be nice because most people just suck and have to be like that, honestly you could probably be the Mother Theresa of school and someone would probably still form a negative opinion about you.
Now, I'm not going to be the typical person that says "Ignore it" or "Show no response" instead my advice is, go to the mirror and perfect your resting b*tch face.
Make it a stone cold look that you can shoot at any moment and if you ever get made fun of, flip your hair and say "M'kay"

2. Don't overthink/jump to conclusions
If you overthink a lot, Lord help you.
I'm saying this to myself too because my overthinking is tragic.
Overthinking/jumping to conclusions+school= hell.
And although its hard to stop doing, try not to because you'll most likely come off as a paranoid freak aka me.
I remember one time my best friend responded to my text and put a full stop at the end of the sentence, now we don't normally do that unless we're mad at each other so I spent the rest of my day thinking she hated me, when in reality, it was just an accident.
People are pretty strange, lord knows what's going through their heads but always assuming things is not the right thing to do, especially in school because you never know what they're actually thinking.

3. Don't be "that" person
Please don't.
You're probably confused to who "that" person is.
Well basically, "that" person is the one person that is known for doing something specifically annoying.
Here are some examples of "that" person:
-That person who wont stop snapchatting everything
-That person who clings onto people like a sloth clings to a tree
-That person who complains about their weight 24/7 when they're skinny as hell
-That person who obsesses over boys, TOO MUCH
-That person that takes everything too seriously

Knowing whether you're that person can be tricky but try watching out for peoples facial expressions when you're talking, do they look annoyed or mad?
Also listen out for if people are complaining about you for one specific thing.

4. Remember who you are
Who wants to leave school with a whole new personality?
Remember to stay yourself, I'm trying not to make this sound too typical but seriously too many people change personalities overnight to appeal to other people.
Now I'm not saying you can't tweak your personality a little but if you're changing who you are entirely in under 24 hours, then you've got a problem.
You'll probably find yourself caught in a group of friends that think you're something you're not, trust me, you learn the hard way.
When you get the friends that know you're true personality, its honestly the best.

5. Try not to die
School is stressful, I know I know but lets try not to let it beat us shall we?
I'm struggling with this at the moment but I just think to myself, how will I see future memes if I'm dead?
How will I know if Dan and Phil (#Phan) were actually a couple all along?
These are keys things to think about guys.

I think that's about as much as I can come up with for now, I hope you enjoyed my tips and only about 67% is actually useful because my advice has never been that great.
Let me know what you think of my tips in the comments!


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