What Being a Blogger Means To Me Tag

I'm back!

Wow its been about three months hasn't it but blame college!
I started college back in September and the essays and constant homework are literally KILLING ME.
Honestly the only perks I can think of from being in college are the free periods and the student discounts.
Making friends has been relatively easy (thank you extrovertism) and I think I have consumed about 60 slices of pizza in the two month.
I'm not even joking.
Moving on, I had an idea to make a tag called the "What Being A Blogger Means To Me" Tag
but then I remembered, what if I didn't create the idea? so I searched the blogosphere and I didn't find anything so I'm guessing its not a tag made by anyone else?
I don't know though so if I did create this tag, yay.
If I didn't then all credit to the person who did.

I came up with these 9 questions and I'm going to try and answer them to the best of my ability, so here we go!

When did you start blogging?
Friday the 13th Of March 2015
Why did you start blogging?
To share stories, connect with other people, I generally wanted to see if anyone out there was interested in my quirky little anecdotes and I guess people were :)
Any regrets?
Not one, the only issue I have is uploading consistently.
I really suck at that.
Best thing about being a blogger?
Reading comments and I guess, the doors it may open for me :) I never saw myself doing a review on nail polish but that happened so who knows!
Read all about the nail polish review here:
"You'll Never Guess What Happened..."
Hardest thing about being a blogger?
Actually scratch that, uploading itself is hard.
Not the actual pressing of the button "Publish" but coming up with fun ideas and what to talk about every so often.
Since I don't have a specific thing I talk about like makeup or fashion, its pretty challenging.
Where do you see your blog in 10 years?
With a different name hopefully!
Don't really want to be referred to as "Awkward teen" at 26 years old but who knows!
I hope in 10 years my blog goes super far and not something I abandon; Hopefully not, by 26 I hope to be married or at least engaged and have my own baby, so I'll probably be doing baby clothes reviews or something.
Why is blogging important to you?
Well borrowing a quote from one of my favourite movies, The Fault In Our Stars:
"We all want to be remembered"
But unfortunately for me I don't just want to be remembered by my family when I eventually die I want to be remembered by more people that I inspired.
It's weird, I don't see myself doing an average run of the mill job such as a dentist or doctor or shopkeeper.
I want something interesting, something that will constantly keep me engaged, which is pretty hard to find because I get bored extremely quickly.
I want something that always involves change and I don't know where my blog will lead me but I'm praying that it gives me an opportunity to do something in the future that will make me happy.
Also blogging is important to me because I'm not talented, at all.
Some people are excellent artists or amazing at singing or super smart but I don't fit into any of those categories so for me to post something I find funny or interesting and see comments on how much it made someone's day or see an abundant amount of compliments, its a huge self-esteem builder, it just shows how much I don't need a particular "skill" to make an impact.
Has being a blogger inspired you in any way or taught you any skills?
In a way, I feel more inspired to get online more and explore but I haven't really been taught any skills or than how to use blogger and how to make cute thumbnails.
Has blogging allowed you to do anything you wouldn't have imagined yourself doing?
Reviews on products is one, I keep mentioning it but honestly I never imagined myself getting an email from a company asking if I wanted to test out their products.
I never knew how far my blog stretched out to other people but besides that, no not really, I've only been blogging for a year so nothing too life-changing has happened.

But anyways that's it!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please, please, please feel free to take the questions and do your own "What Being A Blogger Means To Me" Tag, if you do, put your link in the comments and I'll be sure to read it! :)


  1. You started blogging on Friday the 13th! That sounds like a perfect story to tell on Halloween Eve :p This was a pretty interesting tag! Good to see you posting again :) cause yes, uploading consistently is the hardest task of blogging.

    1. It really is! And thank you! I'm glad to be back :)

    2. Loved this post so much you have a lovely blog and I'm really enjoying reading all your other posts too!! :)

    3. Aw thank you so much! Hope you're enjoying :)


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