A Day in My Life

So, thankfully I had a commenter who submitted an idea on what they'd like to see so now its time to produce!

It was a list of four ideas and I chose, what I thought would be the most fun to type first, a day in my life.

Initially I was planning on doing a day during the week when I was in college but I thought it'd be a bit boring and repetitive so I decided to choose Tuesday, the 24th of October.
(I'm on half term, it's super boring but meh.)
I'll go by the hour to make it more interesting.
(Fact: you'll realise how dull my days are)

- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-
I wake up, groggy and miserable because I've gotten like 7 hours of sleep, I go to the bathroom and then return to bed, trying to sleep some more but I fail
Still awake& annoyed so I put the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on in the background because noise helps me sleep (idk why).
25 minutes later I'm still awake and grumpy.
Finally I say "forget it" and get up.
I decide to run to the shop looking like a natural disaster solely because I'm craving a capri sun.
I return and decide to order food because yes, normal people order burgers&waffles at 11am.
10 minutes later the order is placed and I slap myself for dipping into my savings and spending £17 on food.
The food arrives, Netflix is on, I taste the food and decide "yup, worth it"
After finishing the food I then spend the next 3 hours on my back crying because I'm too full to even move
-still crying-
-yup, still crying-
Crying stops briefly because I decide to roll myself downstairs and put an icepack on my stomach because I literally thought that would work.
It didn't. -crying continues-
I somehow get the energy to get up and wash the dishes and make a cup of tea, maybe the icepack did work.
Once the tea has been downed, I try and finish a presentation I've been doing about Marie Stopes.
Instead of focusing on half-done homework, I put on Spotify and jam to an old playlist.
My phone then lights up, my group chat of friends has found something interesting to talk about so I spend like, 10 minutes making top class banter, then I leave to check my emails.
I got onto this cool programme that also offers a scholarship so I have to check my emails regularly.
I shower then start more homework, my life is so interesting, wow.
15 minutes later all I have written is one sentence because I decided to watch Dan&Phil.
No regrets.
Me&friend decide to go into an in-depth analysis of The Vampire Diaries.
This conversation then quickly moves onto cute boys we have crushes on.
I contemplate watching Shrek for the 5th time.
I decide on Gnomeo and Juliet.
This movie is pretty good.
When the movie ends, I decide to switch off my laptop and scroll through twitter.
This then switches to Instagram.
Then Snapchat.
Lol, still going, alternating between 3 apps and then facebook.
One of my friends are awake and decides to message me but too late, I've already drifted off

And there we have it!
A totally 'eventful' day in my life.
With reading this, you probably realise how much better your days are because mine suck.

Thank you so much to the lovely Madeline M for this and many other good post ideas :)
Check her blog out here, its amazing!


What Would YOU Like To See?

Oh Hey!

So I just had a thought.

I was looking at my blog the other day and I realised, one of the biggest reasons I don't post as often is literally, lack of ideas.

When I just started this blog my head was booming with ideas.

That period is gone now, now I'm always suffering with writers block.

Every post idea is annoyingly harrowing, so I don't even attempt to type it.

But then I thought (literally 7 minutes ago)

What if I metaphorically passed the mic (or keyboard?) over to you.

(There is an 87% chance this will fail, it relies on ANYONE reading to comment)

So if anyone reading has a suggestion for what you'd like to me to post about, feel free to comment

Anything from a Q&A, to a Tag, or A Day in the Week post, literally anything (within reason)

(Nothing too extreme like, "Travel to France and tell us your experience" I'm broke afff)

Or I could do an opinion post, where you give me a topic and I give my opinion on it, anything political I will definitely struggle.
Politics goes way over my head.

But yeah, I have a feeling this will fail but I've have some hope it wont.

And of course, anyone who gives a suggestion, I'll be sure to give them a lovely shout-out for helping this blog not die out :)

And in the off chance that I get loads of submissions (which I probably wont) I'll use all of your ideas!

So this is my plea, if you have an idea of something you want me to post about

Leave a comment

(or if its super long and in-depth, you can always submit it to me via my contact form)

My blog rests in your hands...